Dear visitor

The CNES created the Salon de l’Objet d’Art in 2017 and has been organising this event for the last three years.

Many CNES members contributed to this successful event in this most prestigious of locations, the Grand Palais in Paris. An organisational team was designated enabling the success of an annual event in this magnificent glass shell.

The CNES is therefore very proud to have exhibited many and diverse  art works, and to present them alongside rigorous guarantees of authenticity. Many exhibits shown on these occasions had interesting stories to tell, coming from a variety of cultures. Our experts were there to analyse them in front of the visitors, serious collectors as well as the general public.

The CNES wishes to thank all its members who were involved in this event. Our motive is to advance the work of the experts by demonstrating the need for a rigorous approach in the expertise of art works.

The often  ill-understood or ill-appreciated work of the expert was demonstrated to be of value to the public. Thus the visitor could  get a better understanding of the art work he is admiring by getting into a dialogue and getting background information, also being able to ask questions to our experts. 

The CNES is no longer involved in the running of the fairs at the Grand Palais. However, the domain name and its internet site  remain the property of the CNES.

The CNES will remain faithful to its mission; to expand the Art Experts’ contribution in their field, it will not walk away from this very specific relationship between the Expert and the artwork. New projects and ventures are under way to promote this very special bond between rare objects, experts and the aesthetically discerning and historically minded public.

The CNES, having left the great glass dome of the Grand Palais, is now striving to meet a larger public through this new digital medium with opportunities to link it with authentic and quality art works.

The new internet page “ is the place where the CNES members will shortly be exhibiting their chosen selection of artworks along with detailed expert analysis. This virtual space will soon be available, to the benefit of the discerning public. The CNES opens its doors and welcomes you for a visit.


Bertrand Malvaux, CNES President